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Unique Properties of 29

  • The 29th power of two is the largest power of two to have all different digits
  • 29 is the smallest multi-digit prime whose product of digits of its cube is also a cube
  • 29 is the smallest multi-digit number which on adding its reverse gives a perfect square (i.e., 29 + 92 = 121 = 112)
  • 29 is the largest number such that sum of its digits is greater than the number of primes up to it
  • 29 is the smallest prime of form pp + 2
  • 29 is the smallest prime equal to the sum of three consecutive squares: 29 = 22 + 32 + 42
  • There are 29 distinct three-dimensional pentacubes (glued from five identical cubes by joining faces)

Common Properties of 29

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