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Unique Properties of 23

  • 23 is the smallest group of people where there is more than a 50% chance that 2 people will share the same birthday (day and month, not year)
  • 23 is the smallest isolated prime, i.e., not an element of a set of twin primes
  • 23 is the smallest prime whose reversal is a power: 32 = 25
  • 23 is the only prime p such that p! is p digits long
  • 23! is the least pandigital factorial, that is it contains all the digits 0 through 9 at least once
  • A web page about 23: 23 Enigma in wikipedia
  • 23 is the smallest prime p such that the ring of integers in the cyclotomic field of pth roots of unity does not have unique factorization (submitted by Qiaochu Yuan)
  • 23 is the smallest Pillai Prime (submitted by Jonathan Vos Post)
  • 23 is the smallest home prime that is home to two primes
  • Hilbert suggested 23 math problems as the challenge for the 20th century
  • 23 is the least positive integer requiring the maximum number of terms, namely 9, when expressed as a sum of positive cubes
  • 23 is the smallest prime which is not the sum of two Ulam numbers

Common Properties of 23