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Unique Properties of 21

  • 21 is the smallest number of distinct integer-sided squares needed to tile a square
  • 21 is the number of spots on a standard cubical die (1+2+3+4+5+6)
  • A square which can be dissected into a number of smaller squares with no two equal is called a perfect square dissection. The smallest number of squares participating in a perfect dissection is 21
  • 21 is the number of connected graphs with 5 vertices
  • 21 is the first century with ten prime years
  • 21 is the smallest integer n such that the concatenation of n in base 10 down up to base 2 is prime
  • 21 is the smallest triangular number whose sum of aliquot divisors is prime
  • 21 is the smallest semiprime Fibonacci number (submitted by Massimo Kofler)

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Common Properties of 21