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Unique Properties of 169

  • 169 is the first composite Pell number with a prime index
  • 169 is the smallest 3-digit square whose digits are increasing
  • 169 is the smallest square that is prime when turned upside down (691)
  • 169 is the number of nonequivalent starting hands in Texas hold 'em
  • 169 is the smallest index of a prime number that shares the first digit with the prime number (169-th prime number is 1009)
  • 169 is the smallest square that is a difference between two cubes (169 = 83 - 73)
  • 169 is the smallest odd winning position in Fibonacci nim
  • 169 is the smallest square such that the next squares is an anagram of its digits

Rare Properties of 169


Common Properties of 169