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Unique Properties of 144

  • 144 is a dozen dozens, or one gross
  • 144 is the only composite square in the Fibonacci sequence
  • 144 is the smallest square such that there exists another square - 441 - with the same set of digits
  • 144 is the smallest abundant Fibonacci number
  • 144 is the largest sum-product integer - the integer that is equal to the sum of its digits times the product of its digits
  • 144 is the smallest square perimeter of a primitive Pythagorean triangle
  • 144 is the smallest number such that its fifth power is the sum of other fifth powers
  • 144 is the smallest three-digit number in which the sum of distinct digits of the number equals the sum of its distinct prime divisors (144 = 24*34 and 1 + 4 = 2 + 3); [Cramer] checked* 79 is the least positive integer requiring the maximum number of terms, namely 19, to be expressed as a sum of positive fourth powers

Rare Properties of 144


Common Properties of 144