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Unique Properties of 73

  • Pi Day occurs on the 73rd day of the year (March 14) on non-leap years
  • 73 is the largest integer with the property that all permutations of all its substrings are primes
  • 73 is the largest two-digit Unholey prime: such primes do not have holes in their digits
  • 73 is the smallest number (besides 1) which is one less than twice its reverse
  • 73 is the smallest prime whose square (5329) is the concatenation of two multi-digit primes
  • 73 is the smallest number with the property that it and its neighbors can be written as a sum of 2 nonzero squares
  • 73 is the alphanumeric value of the word NUMBER: 14 + 21 + 13 + 2 + 5 + 18 = 73
  • 73 is the smallest Prime that is the sum of three distinct positive cubes

Common Properties of 73